Apple Picking, Peeling & Baking: Our “Must-Have” Tools

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(Last Updated On: September 3, 2023)

Are you ready to embrace all things apple this fall? From apple pies to apple cider, this fruit is a staple of the season. But, with all the picking, peeling, and baking involved, it can be a daunting process.

We’ve put together a list of our hands-down favorite tools to make your apple-filled fall a breeze!

Our Favorite Apple Prepping Tools:

Our Favorite Apple Baking Tools:

Recipe for Vegan Pie

Having quality tools for prepping and baking your apple recipes can make the process much more efficient and enjoyable. These tools don’t need to break the bank, either!

The tools listed here are all in my own baking arsenal. I don’t find the need for much else – these can typically get the job done!

For instance, an apple picker can save time and energy (and many scratches!) when harvesting apples for your recipes. A messenger-style produce bag also makes the process easier so you’re not jumping back and forth to your buckets, risking bruising the apples (and even more scratches!)

A good peeler and corer can make quick work of preparing apples for baking, while a bundt pan can create a beautiful presentation for your apple cakes.

Pie weights can help to ensure that your crusts bake evenly, while a pastry cutter can make quick work of cutting butter into flour for pie crusts.

Investing in quality tools can help you to streamline your baking process and make it more efficient, allowing you to spend less time in the kitchen and more time enjoying your delicious vegan apple creations.

Our favorite Apple Picker: I love this one! Apple pickers can make the process so much easier! No more scratches from trying to get in close to the tree, and of course – you can get the most beautiful apples from way up high!

*Pro-tip: Use a hot glue gun to round the ends of the “claw” so the metal tips don’t stab your apples!

Apple Picking Bag: Yes, 5-gallon buckets work just fine for picking all of your apples, however, I found a couple benefits of using this bag that I just love.

First, I use it for sweet corn, too. Second, I don’t get scratched up as much because I can stay in one place longer! It seemed like I was constantly picking 2 apples then maneuvering my way out of the prickly branches or even just bending down to gently place them in the bucket.

KitchenAid peeling and spiralizer attachment: HANDS-DOWN FAVORITE! I use this when I’m making a large batch of apple muffins or donuts – but I absolutely love this for when I freeze apples. It is so quick, easy, and very little effort on my part!

Best Apple Corer: If I’m doing everything by hand, I love to use this simple apple corer first. It’s so easy and budget-friendly too!

My Favorite Apple Peeler: Sorry, I don’t like the hand cranks… I think they’re overrated (they always slip or cut too much of the flesh off!). I like using a vegetable or fruit peeler. For me, it’s less of a hassle if I’m going to put in the effort anyway!

Apple Slicer: So handy! My kids can use this and I don’t have to worry about them getting cut by a knife.

I love the guiderails of this model specifically for that reason (and so I don’t slip or cut myself when I’m doing so many in a row and tend to get lazy!)

Glass Pie Plate with Lid: I didn’t realize how nice it was to use a lid that fit my pie plate until I tried this one! So good! No more plastic wrap, too 🙂

Ceramic Pie Dish: Ok, this one is here because it’s beautiful. If I’m bringing dessert anywhere, I will absolutely use this one. And while I still love the look of the glass pie dishes, this one just has my pottery-loving heart.

Pie Crust Weights: I admit, I held out a long time before trying pie crust weights. I really didn’t think I needed them. And truthfully, they’re not 100% necessary…..but they’re really nice once you try them! And right around $8, I found them worth it.

Pastry Cutter: This one really does help to cut in the cold butter chunks (is it just me or is this the most frustrating part of making pie crust?). And again, at around $9, very worth it.

Bundt Pan: I love my Nordic Ware pans – they’re one of my favorite brands. I started using them when I realized they’re so well-built and last! I’ve used them for years and years and haven’t had any issues with them. And bundt pans in general – don’t they just create the most beautiful cakes?

Baking Sheets: Again, Nordic Ware is my favorite brand for so many baking tools. They’re just heavy-duty and built to last.

Individual Baking Dishes: Aren’t these gorgeous?! Again, my pottery-loving heart just fell in love with these. Sometimes I like to use my white ramekins because of their classic & clean style, but often I find myself reaching for pottery like this to use instead.

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Choosing the right tools for picking and baking with apples can truly make the process easier, more efficient, and more enjoyable.

Who doesn’t want to save time and energy? (hand raised here!)

What are some of your “must-have” apple tools?

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