Silicone Bread Slings: A Sourdough Bread Making “Must-Have”

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(Last Updated On: August 26, 2023)

Calling all my sourdough bread lovers! If you’re like me, you’re always on the hunt for ways to make your sourdough bread baking experience even better (easier 😉 )! Thanks to a reader’s comment, I’ve found a game-changer: silicone bread slings!

These little wonders have completely transformed my sourdough game. (How did I not know about this before?!) In this post, I’ll share what silicone bread slings are, how they work, and why you absolutely need one in your baking arsenal. Trust me, your bread will thank you!

Best Silicone Bread Sling

Our favorite set, with 2 bread slings + 2 silicone tools

Silicone Bread Sling for Dutch Oven, Reusable Bread Mat – 480° F.

Let me tell you all the reasons I fell in love with this silicone bread sling 🙂

  • Reusable: no more going through so much parchment paper ($$ it adds up!)
  • Heat resistant – 480°F (many slings only go to 450°F)
  • Sturdy: I never worry about transferring my dough
  • Long handles: moves in and out of your Dutch oven easily
  • Non-stick: there’s just no sticking…at all
  • Cleans easily: quick wash in hot soapy water (takes about 30 seconds!)
  • Bakes evenly: no burnt bottoms!
  • No creases in my bread (parchment paper would leave creases)
  • Fits in Dutch ovens perfectly!

What are silicone bread slings and how do they work?

Silicone bread slings are flexible, non-stick baking mats that are designed to help you easily transfer your sourdough bread dough from your banneton to your Dutch oven for baking.

They’re made of high-quality, food-grade silicone that’s heat-resistant up to 260°C/500°F, so they won’t melt or warp in the oven. The slings are designed with a strong core that’s fully surrounded by double-sided silicone covering, making them pliable and super strong.

To use a silicone bread sling, you simply place your dough onto the sling, grab the handles, and place it into your preheated Dutch oven.

Once your bread is done baking, you can use the handles to lift it out of the Dutch oven and onto a cooling rack. It’s that easy!


If you want to remove your bread right away from the hot Dutch oven, your bread sling will be just as hot – don’t try touching it! Make sure you have a good pair of long oven mitts, with a rubberized grip, for handling the hot silicone sling.

If you want to wait just a couple minutes, the silicone will cool down quickly and you should be able to take it out with your bare hands (still being careful not to touch that hot Dutch oven!).

Why not parchment paper?

No major reason. Parchment paper works just fine. I just found something better!

I’ve been using this parchment paper for years – without any problem. Sure, the edges of the paper get a little dark and make me a bit nervous, and the box takes up a decent amount of space in my drawer. And although it lasts quite a while, I do have to keep buying it. But it has always gotten the job done, no doubt.

I guess when I found these silicone bread slings, it just made the process that much easier! And I have to admit, I need an easy sourdough bread routine.

Our lives are hectic enough, You don’t want to do it with burnt fingers!

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