the 8 best Cold Press Juicers: Benefits, Types, and Reviews

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(Last Updated On: August 18, 2023)

Wondering what the big deal is about cold press juicers? Unlike traditional centrifugal juicers that use high-speed spinning blades, cold press juicers gently crush and squeeze produce to extract their delicious juices. This slow process helps maintain the vital nutrients, enzymes, and minerals found in fruits and vegetables.

Bottles of Juice

As you explore the world of cold press juicing, you’ll find a wide range of options to choose from that cater to your needs and budget. High-quality cold press juicers are designed to efficiently extract more juice, leaving behind minimal pulp and waste. They are also easier to clean and operate with less noise compared to their centrifugal counterparts.

Read on to discover our favorite cold-press juicers for every budget. And always make sure to research and select the best cold press juicer that suits your specific requirements so you can enjoy the benefits of juicing at home.

Our Top Picks

Best Overall
Omega J8006HDC Nutrition System

Best Splurge
Hurom H-AA Slow Juicer, Matte Black

Best Value
Aobosi Slow Masticating Juicer

Our Favorite Glass Bottles for Juice Storage
Chef’s Star Glass Juicing Bottles

Best Overall Cold-Press Juicer

Omega J8006HDC Nutrition System

Omega J8006HDC Nutrition System


  • Low speed to minimize heat buildup and oxidation, resulting in maximum nutrient extraction and healthy
  • Extracts the maximum amount of juice from minimal amounts of fruits, vegetables, leafy greens, and wheatgrass
  • Adjustable end cap features three pressure settings designed to ensure maximum juice output and extraction


  • Juice container is relatively small, so you may need to empty if making large batches of juice
  • Investment is higher than others

This Omega slow juicer earns our overall “Best Cold Press Juicer” title because it’s also a versatile kitchen tool that can turn nuts into nut butter, grind coffee and spices, make baby food and frozen desserts, and quickly whip up soy milk.

The automatic pulp ejection system allows for continuous juicing, and the powerful but quiet gear reduction equivalent to a 2HP motor generates enough torque to process tough ingredients.

Best Splurge Cold-Press Juicer

Hurom H-AA Slow Juicer, Matte Black

Hurom H-AA Slow Juicer, Matte Black


  • Slow squeeze technology ensures that your juice retains all of its natural nutrients
  • Control lever and fine and coarse strainers allow you to control the amount of pulp to suit your taste
  • Works on fruits, vegetables, leafy greens, nuts, and soybeans to create nutritious juices, milk, tofu, and more


  • The cleaning process can be tricky
  • Expensive

This juicer has a streamlined design that includes smooth curves that gradually become slimmer in the back, bringing you stylish kitchen appliance. The H-AA rotates at a speed of just 43 revolutions per minute, not creating heat, ensuring that you get the most out of your fruits and vegetables.

The Hurom H-AA Slow Juicer is a great investment – one of the top brands – for anyone who wants to enjoy fresh and nutritious juices at home. It’s easy to use and versatile, making it perfect for anyone who loves experimenting with different ingredients.

Best Value Cold-Press Juicer

Aobosi Slow Masticating Juicer

Aobosi Slow Masticating Juicer


  • Separates juice and pulp wonderfully
  • Equipped with intelligent protection chips, making it stop automatically for every 20 minutes’ operation
  • Highly rated on Amazon


  • Heavy
  • Might need to pre-cut

If you want a juicer that can extract juice from various fruits and vegetables while preserving their nutrients, Aobosi Slow Masticating Juicer is a great choice. With its slow masticating technology, you can extract higher-purity juice and preserve higher nutritional value. Additionally, the juicer is equipped with intelligent protection chips, making it stop automatically for every 20 minutes’ operation.

Check out our favorite reusable glass bottles for juice storage, too!

Chef’s Star Glass Juicing Bottles

Chef's Star Glass Juicing Bottles

Breville BJS600XL Fountain Crush Masticating Slow Juicer

Breville BJS600XL Fountain Crush Masticating Slow Juicer


  • Extracts more juice from leafy greens
  • Produces very dry pulp
  • Safe start system, reverse direction control, and overload protection


  • A bit pricey
  • Takes up more counter space

Another fantastic choice from Breville is the Frountain Crush Masticating Slow Juicer. It’s designed to extract maximum juice yield from soft fruits and vegetables and is great at juicing leafy greens. Juicing kale and spinach is easy and produces very dry pulp. It has a safe start system, reverse direction control, and overload protection system.

Cleanup is also easy – simply pour in 1-2 cups of water while the motor is running to flush the previous ingredients through. It comes with a cleaning brush to remove the pulp from the mesh basket, and the handle of the brush is the perfect size to clear out the pulp chute of the juicer.

The upright design gives the Breville a smaller footprint than horizontal masticating juicers, making it easier to fit on your counters.

Breville Juice Fountain Cold Juicer

Breville Juice Fountain Cold Juicer


  • Processes even the toughest fruits and vegetables
  • 3-inch extra-wide chute (no pre-cutting)
  • Cold Spin technology avoids damage to vitamins and minerals


  • Not as quiet
  • Bulky
  • Not as effective at juicing leafy greens

Breville Juice Fountain Cold Juicer can processes even the toughest fruits and vegetables easily and quickly. The juicers 3-inch extra-wide chute feed allows you to juice whole fruits and vegetables without pre-cutting. The juicer’s Cold Spin Technology and an Italian-made precision mesh filter allow you to avoid damage to vitamins and minerals from heat and processing.

With almost 7,000 reviews on Amazon, this juicer is a great choice with a brand name that is known for quality.

AMZCHEF Cold Press Juicer Machines

AMZCHEF Cold Press Juicer Machines


  • Maximum juice yield and minimal oxidation
  • Multi-purpose: cold press juicer, meat grinder, or slicer/shredder


  • Loud
  • Might need to pre-cut
  • Attachments for the meat grinder or slicer/shredder need to be purchased separately

This juicer is perfect for extracting gingers, celery, oranges, and other fibrous fruits and vegetables. It is also easy to clean with the included brush. The reverse function prevents the machine from getting stuck, and the detachable parts are made of high-quality food-grade materials.

The AMZCHEF Cold Press Juicer Machines comes with a 2-year warranty for the motor and normal accessory exchange, as well as customer service after-sale guarantee.

Omega H3000D Cold Press 365 Juicer

Omega H3000D Cold Press 365 Juicer


  • Slow operation minimizes heat buildup and oxidation, preserving essential vitamins, enzymes, and nutrients
  • Strains more juice and breaks down fiber


  • Chute is small and requires more prep time
  • More plastic parts than other models

Overall, the Omega H3000D Cold Press Juicer is a great juicer for those who want high-quality, nutrient-dense juice, but at a fraction of the cost of other high-end models. It operates quietly, produces a high juice yield, and is easy to clean. If you’re willing to put in a bit of extra prep work and take care of the plastic parts, this juicer is definitely worth considering.

Elite Gourmet Compact Small Space-Saving Masticating Slow Juicer

Elite Gourmet EJX600 Compact Small Space-Saving Masticating Slow Juicer


  • The ultra-compact size yet durable with its heavy-duty auger
  • High-torque and low-speed


  • May not be suitable for larger families or frequent juicing.
  • Not as efficient in extracting juice from harder produce like carrots or beets.
  • Juice cup and pulp container are small

The Elite Gourmet EJX600 is perfect for those with smaller kitchens who still want to enjoy the benefits of cold-pressed juice. Its compact size and durability make it a great space-saver without sacrificing power. The slow juicing process ensures that your juice stays fresh for longer, and the included cleaning brush makes clean-up a breeze.

What is a Cold Press Juicer?

A cold press juicer, also known as a slow juicer or masticating juicer, is a type of juicing device that extracts juice from fruits and vegetables by applying mechanical pressure without generating heat. This technique preserves more nutrients and provides a longer shelf life for the juice compared to traditional juicing methods.

How It Works

Cold press juicers work by crushing and pressing fruits and vegetables between two rotating gears or an auger. This process breaks down cell walls and releases the juice. The remaining pulp is then ejected from the machine, leaving you with pure juice. Since no heat is generated during the juicing process, the nutrients and enzymes in the juice remain intact, making it a healthier option for you.

Cold Press Juicer vs. Regular Juicer

Cold press juicers differ from traditional centrifugal juicers, which use rapidly spinning blades to shred ingredients and extract liquid. Centrifugal juicers generate heat, which can oxidize and destroy essential nutrients in the juice. Cold press juicers, on the other hand, do not introduce heat and maintain the nutritional quality of the juice. This makes cold press juicers a preferred choice for those seeking a healthier, nutrient-rich beverage.

Types of Cold Press Juicers

There are several types of cold press juicers available on the market, catering to different needs and preferences.

  1. Manual Juicers: These are non-electric, hand-operated juicers suitable for those who prefer a simple, compact, and affordable option. They are ideal for juicing citrus fruits, but may not work as effectively on leafy greens or hard vegetables.
  2. Press Juicers: These juicers use a hydraulic press to extract juice, providing a high yield and minimal oxidation. They are typically more expensive than other types of cold press juicers and are best suited for serious juicing enthusiasts or commercial use.
  3. Counter Top Juicers: These electric juicers are designed for convenient home use and come in a range of styles and features, including vertical and horizontal masticating juicers. Some models also have adjustable speeds or additional functions, such as making nut butter or sorbet.
  4. Commercial Juicers: Designed for heavy-duty use in juice bars, restaurants, or other commercial establishments, these juicers have larger motors, faster operation, and more robust construction.
Fruit Juicer

Benefits of Cold Press Juicers

Nutrient Retention

Cold press juicers, also known as masticating or slow juicers, are designed to extract juice by pressing the produce without generating heat. This process allows for a higher retention of essential vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and nutrients in your juice. As there is no heat involved, it prevents the destruction of temperature-sensitive nutrients, providing you with a healthier and more nutritious drink.

Taste Enhancement

Another advantage of using a cold press juicer is the taste enhancement. Since the juicing method involves gently pressing fruits and vegetables with minimal oxidation, the juice comes out smoother, less oxidized, and with less foam, resulting in a superior taste. Cold press juicers are also more efficient in extracting juice from leafy greens, herbs, and softer fruits, so you can enjoy various flavors and combinations.

Noise Reduction

Cold press juicers operate at a slower speed than their centrifugal counterparts, making them significantly quieter during the juicing process. Consequently, this allows you to prepare your refreshing and healthy juices without encountering unpleasant noise levels that could disrupt your environment or affect your early morning routine.

Factors to Consider when Buying

Size and Dimensions

Choose a cold press juicer that fits comfortably in your kitchen, considering the counter space and storage options. Take note of the dimensions of each model you’re interested in.

Ease of Use and Cleaning

Select a cold press juicer that is easy to assemble, use, and clean. Look for models with fewer parts, effective and simple controls, and dishwasher-safe pieces. Based on user reviews and expert recommendations, these models stand out for ease of use and cleaning:


A good warranty shows the manufacturer’s confidence in their product and provides you with peace of mind. It’s essential to know how many years of coverage come with some of the best cold press juicers:

Cold Press Juicer Recipes & Ideas

Refreshing Fruit Juices

Apple Ginger:

  1. Wash and core 2 apples
  2. Peel and chop 1-inch of ginger
  3. Feed the ingredients into your cold press juicer
  4. Enjoy your refreshing apple-ginger juice!

Tropical Paradise:

  1. Peel and cube 1 cup of pineapple
  2. Wash and cut 1 orange, removing seeds
  3. Add both ingredients to your cold press juicer
  4. Savor the tropical flavors!

Energizing Vegetable Juices

Green Powerhouse:

  1. Wash and destem 1 bunch of kale
  2. Peel and chop 1 cucumber
  3. Add both ingredients to your cold press juicer
  4. Reap the benefits of this nutrient-dense green juice

Spicy Carrot Kick:

  1. Wash and peel 4 large carrots
  2. Remove seeds and slice 1 jalapeno pepper
  3. Add both to your cold press juicer
  4. Experience the spicy goodness of this invigorating juice

Our Personal Favorite: Delicious Mixed Juices

Citrus Sunrise:

  1. Wash and cut 1 grapefruit, removing seeds
  2. Peel and slice 1 lemon
  3. Add both citrus fruits to your cold press juicer
  4. Enjoy the tangy delight of this mixed juice

Beets & Berries Delight:

  1. Wash and peel 1 medium beetroot
  2. Rinse 1 cup of mixed berries (e.g., blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries)
  3. Add both the beetroot and berries to your cold press juicer
  4. Sip on this vibrant, antioxidant-rich juice

Feel free to experiment with your cold press juicer and create your own unique recipes! Remember to always wash and prepare the ingredients before juicing.

Pomegranate Sangria Recipe

Frequently Asked Questions

Are masticating juicers the same as cold press?

Yes, masticating juicers are also known as cold press juicers. They use a slow, crushing and grinding action through an auger to extract juice from fruits and vegetables. This process minimizes heat and oxidation, preserving more nutrients and enzymes in the juice compared to centrifugal juicers.

What advantages do cold press juicers have over regular juicers?

Cold press juicers have several advantages over regular centrifugal juicers:

  1. They produce a higher yield of juice from the same amount of produce.
  2. The juice retains more nutrients, enzymes, and antioxidants due to minimal heat and oxidation.
  3. They tend to be quieter because they operate at a slower speed.
  4. Cold press juicers can usually handle leafy greens and wheatgrass more efficiently.
  5. The juice produced often has a longer shelf life.

However, cold press juicers are typically more expensive and may take a longer time to process the produce.

Is the juice quality better with cold press juicers?

Yes, the juice quality is generally better with cold press juicers. Due to the slow extraction process, there is less heat and oxidation, which helps preserve the nutrients, enzymes, and antioxidants in the juice. As a result, the juice is often more flavorful and nutritious compared to juice made with a centrifugal juicer.

What can’t be juiced in a cold press juicer?

Most cold press juicers can handle a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, including leafy greens and wheatgrass. However, certain produce and ingredients may not be suitable for cold press juicers, such as:

  1. Fruits with large pits, like cherries or peaches (remove pits before juicing)
  2. Hard seeds, like those from apple cores (avoid juicing cores)
  3. Extremely fibrous or stringy vegetables, like celery or rhubarb (cut into smaller pieces before juicing)
  4. Very soft fruits, like overripe bananas or avocados (consider blending instead)

Always refer to your juicer’s user manual for specific guidelines on what can and cannot be juiced.

Do cold press juicers help retain more nutrients?

Yes, cold press juicers can help retain more nutrients in the juice. The slow extraction process minimizes heat and oxidation, which can degrade nutrients, enzymes, and antioxidants. As a result, the juice produced by cold press juicers tends to have a higher nutritional content compared to juice made with centrifugal juicers.

Sum it up

When it comes to juicing, cold-pressed is the way to go. Not only does it preserve the nutrients and enzymes in your fruits and vegetables, but it also results in a smoother and more flavorful juice.

With so many options on the market, it can be overwhelming to choose the right cold-press juicer for your needs. However, by considering the benefits and types of cold-press juicers, as well as reading reviews from other users, you can make an informed decision.

Whether you’re a seasoned juicer or just starting out, investing in a high-quality cold-press juicer is a great way to improve your health and wellness. So, go ahead and give it a try – your body will thank you!

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